David Zitting and the Beginnings of PRMI

The Challenges Of A Startup

At the same time Tracy and I were getting married, Jeff and I had developed some really good ideas and concepts for our new company. I convinced my dad to loan us $250,000 that I had to pay back with interest. When I got the check, I called Steve. “Remember when you told me to call you when I had everything set up? Well, I’m ready. I have a really big check in my hand and I have no idea what to do with it,” I said. A couple hours later, Steve was at my office door with a box of his stuff. “Where’s the check?” he asked. I handed it over to him and to this day I have no idea what he did with it.

We were struggling as a little company. We were living on the loans that Jeff and I originated and working hard to stay afloat. The problem was, we hadn’t recruited people like we had wanted; we weren’t living our dream. I took a trip to Washington to take my mortgage license test. On my way home, I saw the book Who Moved My Cheese at the airport bookstore. The book had just come out. It was the funny title that initially drew me in, yet I immediately felt compelled to read it. I decided to buy it so I would have something to read on the airplane. I read the entire thing on the plane. I kept laughing out loud. The guy next to me asked me what I was reading. I responded, “My life!” When I got back I told everyone we were going to stop originating. Steve was very worried, but respected my passion for us going after our dream. I shared with him that I felt we would not make it if we stayed the current course. As usual, Steve supported me, and we were off to recruit what we branded in the industry as “Branch Partners”.

Why PRMI Has Been Successful

I hope that people in this company realize that I don’t expect more from anyone than I, David Zitting, expect from myself.

You have to surround yourself with people you trust and believe in. These people don’t have to be smart, witty, or have a certain look. You just need to believe in them.
Dave ZittingThe people I have around me are brilliant people with endless potential. I like to push them and help them blossom. I always try to be honest and fair in meetings. If I am hard on someone, it’s because I care, know they can do better, and am trying to help them grow. I expect a lot out of the people I work with. Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. is a culmination of the people who built it—end of story, case closed.

David Zitting is the CEO of Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.